• Bridge

    The freedom to focus on outcomes

    The administrative demands of Department of Employment compliance can place a heavy burden on an Employment Services business. Bridge relieves this burden by making sure all claims are compliant, by streamlining processes and removing the need for redundant actions, - reducing admin tasks by up to 50%.

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  • We understand your business

    JSAdvantage is the first comprehensive software solution made by people in the industry for people in the industry - we understand what's most important to you. We're approved by the Department of Employment, and we guarantee absolute security of confidential information by meeting the ISM security standard and by being compliant to the rigorous ISO 27002 and 27005 standards.

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  • Actionable

    A powerful performance management tool that delivers real-time KPIs and workload information in a clear and consistent framework. Analytics displays a current snapshot of your performance data in interactive reports of your choosing.

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  • Advanced
    performance forecasting

    STARCAST is a revenue forecasting system for Employment Services, based on historical data.

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JN Solutions is the leading provider of software solutions to the Employment Services industry. We create software that helps our customers make sure all their claims are legitimate and compliant, so that you can focus on results, rather than processes.

  • Bridge
    A client management system that removes
    the need for consultants to use ESS daily
  • Analytics
    Detailed real-time
    performance reporting
  • Starcast
    A revenue forecasting system
    for Employment Services

Approved by the Department of Employment
to access Employment Services data

Government policy highly recommends only using accredited software providers.
JN Solutions was the first software provider to engage with government and pass their accreditation process.

Approved by the Department of Employment